Ecstatic Music / Difficult Grace

Roderick George and Seth Parker Woods

Ecstatic Music: Seth Parker WoodsA collaborative work with the Cellist Seth Parker Woods. Virtual performance streamed from Merkin Hall of the Kaufman Music Center in New York May 2021.Produced by the Kaufman School of Music in New York City.

I Can See Forever

Roderick George

Artist: Jeremy Shaw, Vancouver native based in Berlin created a film installation that embodied Roderick’s choreography and dancing. Jeremy Shaw’s artistic practice is characterized by a complex use of effects and narrative devices in relation to perceptions of reality and expressions of ideology in contemporary art, film and popular media. His most recent film, I Can […]


From the perspective of the choreographer, existence as a human is like a particle being blown in this enormous space called Earth ; a tiny atom shifting and coerced into each space. As humans, we design our lives in transactions through cultural, artificial, social, familial, instinctual, animalistic exchanges. These constant variables and replacements instill a […]

Fleshless Beast

Fleshless Beast

Taking influences from classical ballet, hiphop and breakdance, and modern dance, Roderick George contemplates race relations, being an immigrant, and challenges the status quo in his new piece, Fleshless Beast. Collaborating with artist LOTIC, both from Houston, Texas, they deconstruct their understandings of race, globalization, and their personal experiences through dance and music. Check our Fleshless Beast’s review […]