Dancing in Snow

Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company

Creation June 2022

L.A. Contemporary Dance Company Dancing in Snow (World Premiere) Featuring choreography by Roderick George

The poetic title is a metaphor for those who have had to assimilate into a society of White America. George’s new work is a deeper redevelopment of Tainted, a solo piece that premiered at the Odyssey in 2020. The original work was a solo narrowed on the vision of the dancer, Jamila Glass, and how she could see her existence as the only Black woman in white spaces.

This new evening-length work offers a sophisticated and thoughtful statement about Black and Queer experiences, and how cultural appropriation and tokenism separate Black dancing and culture from Black bodies. Help us celebrate our first return to the stage in over two years!

June 2022
Odyssey Theatre
Music: slowdanger
Lighting Designer: Claire Chrzan
Costume Co-Designers: Robert Huerta & Ashley Kayombo
Wig Stylist: Kate Coleman
Rehearsal Director: Natasha Poon Woo
Production Manager: Kate Hutter Mason
Executive Director: Napoleon Gladney Artistic Director: Jamila Glass
Rehearsal Trailer filmed by Anna Tse & edited by Danielle King