I Can See Forever

Artist: Jeremy Shaw, Vancouver native based in Berlin created a film installation that embodied Roderick’s choreography and dancing. Jeremy Shaw’s artistic practice is characterized by a complex use of effects and narrative devices in relation to perceptions of reality and expressions of ideology in contemporary art, film and popular media. His most recent film, I Can See Forever (2018), is the final chapter of the critically-acclaimed and widely exhibited Quantification Trilogy, preceded by Quickeners (2014), and Liminals (2017).

All three films explore the potential of catharsis to simultaneously represent and effect states of mind, perception, ecstasy, belief, religious fervour, escapist fantasies, and extremes of subjective experience as formulated in sub- and counter-cultures that have changed the Western political landscape since the 1960’s.

Through a precise management of the expectations of film, Shaw’s works directly challenge normative forms of subjectivity in cultural production.  The work has been shown at the Tate Museum, Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, Kunstverein in Hamburg, Capri in Düsseldorf, König Galerie in Berlin, and Vancouver Film Festival. Later premiering at Macaulay Fine Art in Vancouver, Esker Foundation in Calgary, and Centre Pompidou in Paris.

I Can See forever / Jeremy Shaw