Missing Fruit, Part 1

Well Seasoned – All Moving Around the World – Sadler’s Wells

May 2023

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The Missing Fruit (Part 1) is part of a trilogy of films of the same name by dance artist Roderick George.

George is inspired by the recent Movement for Black Lives protests, seeking to address the realities of systemic racism while cultivating an environment to realise Black joy. The films were made as part of his work which will premiere in New York in 2023.

Producer and Choreographer: Roderick George
Dancers: Alex Haskins, Ghrai DeVore-Stokes, Corey Scott-Gilbert, Maia Schechter, and Jake Tribus
Cinematographer: Suzi Sadler
Assistant to Shoot: Rian Abello and Babou Taylor
Music: Slowdanger
Vocals: Alycia Miles
Post Production: New ECW, Simon X. Frederick, Adam Savva